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Dating Dictionary

(Lucky Lopez’s Completely Subjective Translation of Dating Terms)

The “Except” Disclaimer - A common tactic that a modern woman employs to enthusiastically describe her current beau with the characteristics of a Venetian God, only to deflect the existence of a painfully obvious deal breaking flaw.
Example: You find yourself gushing about your current beau . . . comparing him to a “somewhat” shorter Matt Damon mixed with a “somewhat” chunkier Bratt Pitt and a “somewhat” less suave George Clooney . . . only to end the sentence with “except that”, usually followed by a slew of possibilities including, but not limited to the following:

  1. He’s an alcoholic
  2. He’s still married
  3. He’s unemployed
  4. He wants to be an actor
  5. He just turned 21 . . .

With #5 being the preferred possibility in the list, of course.

Hot-Man-Boy – A now hot man that you used to know as a boy when he was awkward, immature, and even somewhat grotesque.

Penis Pat –  A technique described by Marie (Lucky’s friend) as a “little stroke to the old male performance ego.”   The technique is as follows:  A woman uses words that describe how she would like to be pleased to instead describe her lover’s “member.”  The effect is supposed to work like reverse psychology, ie., the words you use to describe his penis, he will strive to imitate when trying to please you.  Marie insists that the “out-of-the-blue,” unexpected nature of a penis pat incites just the right amount of testosterone to unleash a desperate sexual predator.

Perslexed - When a desperate attempt to induce sex fails miserably, leaving the pursuer perplexed as to what went wrong.

SexfinityThe infinite and indescribable place you are sent to during mind blowing, earth shattering, after-glow-inducing sex.

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