My sex life is certainly NOT like the movies, . . . I just wish it was ~ Lucky Lopez

Lucky’s Friends

The ordinary and extraordinary cast of friends in Lucky’s life.

(Max’s older sister)
Cassie is one of Lucky’s closest childhood friends.  She is the craziest of crazy – “boy crazy” women you will ever meet.  She is a loving, giving and kind soul and in a disconcerting and also somewhat poignant manner, embodies everything “Scarlett O’Hara” in a “willing to wear a curtain for love”/“damsel in distress”/“destined to have three husbands” kind of way.  You can pretty much assume that whatever Cassie eats, does, and dreams has something to do with a man.

Marie has always been Lucky’s mentor when it came to matters of sex.  She was in fact the one who guided her oh-so-tenderly, after having her virginal petals plucked her freshman year of college.  Marie is that woman you would love to hate – but can’t help looking up to.  She is sexy, charming, and bold.  She’s not drop-dead gorgeous by any means, but her natural, uncanny ability to make men desperately want her is what makes her tragically sexy.  She’s an ad rep at a big agency in Hollywood and has maintained a sexually happy and healthy relationship with a struggling L.A. photographer by the name of Ryan for the past two years.

A friend/associate of Lucky’s who is also involved in the entertainment business.
Mark comes from money and (according to Lucky) people in Hollywood that  1.)  have  2.)  once had  3.)  are gonna have, or  4.)  were bequeathed large sums of money by their now unfortunately deceased parents like to be in each other’s presence therefore Mark (unlike me) is someone that actually has breakfast with someone like Jessica Alba, instead of somehow randomly and arbitrarily sitting next to her in a Hollywood Waffle House/Cafe.  Mark sets Lucky up with a “Reality Dude” in an attempt to get her to write him into her next screenplay.

(Cassie’s younger brother)
Max is 11 years Lucky’s junior, a college senior, and the younger brother of one of Lucky’s best childhood friends.  Although Lucky has known Max since he was a bratty kid, their recent reunion after not seeing each other for a decade has proven that Max has greatly benefitted from the pruning of puberty and the chiseling of manhood.  They have since enjoyed several innocent rendezvous that have almost, yet not completely ended with a more “meaningful” tryst.  Max rivals the perfection of an Abercrombie model.  (As described by Lucky)
His hair is dusty brown, unmanaged, swept to the side and ridiculously sexy, his eyes are gorgeously green and piercing, his jaw is flawlessly chiseled  and his Lips are like two slices of a perfectly ripe strawberry – blush red, and ready to eat.

A reality star that is introduced to Lucky by her friend Mark.  Although the initial nature of their “relationship” is professional, things take an unexpected turn.
As described by Lucky: “He was obviously blessed with “that face” that Hollywood executives talk about . . . the kind that for some unknown and inexplicable reason – stands out in a crowd.  Astonishingly handsome . . . a more refined version than I remember portrayed by the pixels of my HDTV.  I couldn’t help but notice the nice architecture of his face – every line was perfectly placed . . . and even the imperfections added character to the ornately construed facial landscape I not so indiscreetly observed.”

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