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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Blog #15: Spending the Night with Reality Dude

Day 179:  No Sex

So in our last phone conversation, reality dude was deficient of small talk – leading me to conclude that this hombre is an hombre of action, and not words.

And for that, I am awarding him a shiny gold star for a good start

. . .

considering my last boyfriend was a man of ummm . . . neither.

I knew a face to face would be required if I ever cared to get to know reality dude beyond any of my initial superficial perceptions.

So when I decided to call him a few days later, I was beyond shocked when he asked:  “You wanna come over for dinner?”

Although my knee jerk reaction prompted a casual affirmation, I was later swelled by anxiety as I began to contemplate all the possible interpretations of “dinner” . . .

For a single chick . . . being invited by a potential beau to “come over for dinner” can mean a multitude of things; including but not Continue reading Blog #15: Spending the Night with Reality Dude

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